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About us 
Who we are?
Smart storage is the leading and biggest self-storage in the Dominican Republic, we offer a service which is regulated by international standards, and we are located in the middle of the city. A safe space, with easy access so you can access to your storage, but with the warranty that only you and the ones you authorize can have access to you space.
Our storages are ideal for freeing up space at your place, they work as a home extension, giving you the opportunity to place your articles such as documents, furniture, and other items that are not use frequently.   
At our installations you will find a diversity of tools and facilities for your comfort. We have an office that is prepared for our clients, you can come in case you need a quick place to stay while you manage your merchandise. This office counts with internet, a telephone, and a printer machine.
You can acquire our services for a short or long period of time according to your necessities. We have lockers that goes from 4 to 60 mts2.
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